Sunday, February 15, 2009

It's Either Feast or Famine

Ever have those times where you are just not sure what you want to do with your crochet/crafting time? Nothing seems to spark that interest in you, so you just pick a project and later set it aside 'cuz it just isn't doing anything for you. So you start another project. That is kinda where I was at. Knowing that I needed to work on a yo yo ghan, but just not in the mood for it. So I started making saltines just to pass the time (and destash). My last post I mentioned buying the yarn to make my next Tulip afghan as a RAOK gift. I was so excited to finally have that project that was going to light the fire under my behind and get me motivated. I was so excited when the package of yarn came! And I know exactly who will get this RAOK gift. Can't say. Not sure if this person reads my blog or not. So, this tulipghan (done in shades of blue instead of my normal shades of burgundy's and pinks) is about 1/4 the way done. Good thing, as I am getting lots of yo yos in the mail lately and have be put on notice that more are on the way. Love making these lapghans, just think I was getting burned out on them. Now I am ready and raring to go.

To add to these projects, a friend from church asked me to finish a hat that was sent to her for finishing. It is made with fun fur - and the person who was making ran out. PLUS...another friend asked me to make a couple baby bonnets. She gave me the pattern. Said she had tried to make it, but it just wasn't working for her. Bought the yarn for this project today.

So, let's see, tulipghan, yo yo's, fun fur hat, baby bonnets....

Oh, and I wanted to share these pics with you. This is the bread store that I have mentioned in a past post where my knitting friends (and this one lonely crocheter) meet up. Isn't this the coolist place to relax and enjoy some time with good friends and yarn?? The credit for the pics goes to Kate - a member of the Knead to Knit group on Ravelry. We met thru Rav, but have not yet met in person. She goes to the Thursday knit group and I go to the Saturday one. What is really sad, is that she lives about 4 blocks up the road from me.

O.K. Toodles for now. Have someone heading up this way to give me a quote on redoing one of our bathrooms.