Monday, May 26, 2008

Not Much Happening Here

YoYoghan #8 is being made in earthtones. Last night I realized that I would not have enough earthtones to complete this one, so I had to put it down. I have asked the CFAC memebers to help me out. I know soon this lapghan will be picked up again and soon completed. In the meantime, tonight I will start yoyoghan #9 with pretty pastel colors.
CFAC's June/July challenge will be dishcloths. For June, they will be mailed to the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation (we have a couple contacts there). Then in July, we will be mailing our dishcloths to a domestic violence center on the Rez.
Final update on the Tulip lapghan. My friend received her suprise gift this past Friday. She e-mailed me and said how she walked around for the first half hour holding this lapghan and crying. She had been reading the updates on my blog, so she knew about it. Just did not realize this ROAK was for her. But the best part?? She is going to pass on the RAOK by making a gift for someone she knows who is going thru hard time right now. How much better could that be?!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Pic # 2

And here is the full pic.

It's all done!

Took me 6 hours total to do the fringe. But it brings the whole lapghan together. Now you won't have to hear anymore about it. lol Don't know how to post more than one pic to a post, so will make a second post to show the whole lapghan.

Now I must go make dinner. Tah tah for now!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

The Fringe Experiment

The fringe is being put on the tulip afghan now. I started a couple nights ago. So far, I have 4 hours into it. The hardest part is cutting all the little pieces (which really is not hard at all). It takes 2 - 8" strands at the end of every row. Mind you, every row was done in single crochet. So there are lots of ends and lots of 8" strands. But it is all worth it. The final afghan is so pretty (yes, I am patting my self on the back with this one. sorry)
Oh, and the bunny slippers for April were made. Now I have to do the scarf and slippers for May. And then start on the next yo yo ghan. Busy busy busy. What has everyone else been up to? Craftwise or otherwise?

Monday, May 12, 2008

A Little of This, A Little of That

Been busy trying to finish up the tulip afghan. Have less than 15 rows to complete before the dreaded fringe can be started. Was hoping to finish it this weekend, but just did not have the time.
Finished making 12 finger puppets for CFAC's finger puppet challenge. Will be mailing these this week along with 20 snake book marks and the lastest yo yo ghan. Was hoping to have some more goodies in the box. Next time I will see what I can find to stuff the box with.
I have also been working on Gail's Favorite Dish Cloth. They are real quick to make up and work great. I tried making the spiral scrubbie but had a real hard time figuring out how to complete it. Thanks to Crochetville, I figured it out. Hope to make some more of those too.
Keeping an eye on these fires down here. Daytona Beach to the north of us. Cocoa and Palm Bay to the south. I really feel for the families as we were evacuated in 1998 due to the wildfires in our community. I pray that the rain will come soon and help the firefighters get these put out

Saturday, May 3, 2008

No Bunny Slippers Yet

O.k., May has started by only 3 days and I am already behind. One scarf and one pair of bunny slippers a month does not sound that hard. Well, the scarf for April got done last weekend, but the bunny slippers never made it to the hook. So today I HAVE to make them. But it is so hard putting down that tulip afghan. It is half way done (not counting the fringe process) and the excitement is building. Suprising people is so much fun.
Last week hubby and I suprised our friend Bruce. Bruce and his wife Lynn are the couple we cruised to Alaska with last Sept. (Lynn and I met online thru CFAC. We decided to meet in person while taking a cruise.) Anyways, Bruce told us his dream was to climb Mt Everest. Guess what I found? A board type game about climbing this mountain. We ordered it and had it mailed to his house (they live waaay out in CA) RAOK are a blast!!
Time to finish my tea, check the laundry then dig thru the stash for some bunny yarn. Hope everyone has a great weekend!