Sunday, August 8, 2010

Happy Birthday CFAC!!!

Crafting for a Cause turned 5 years old in July. Hard to believe that when I joined in 2005 there were 12 members. We are now close to 250!!! And all the hands working together are doing so much to warm the hearts and bodies of so many. Come check us out. We would love to have your hands too.

To celebrate, CFAC has asked the members to each make one hat or scarf to send to one of our causes on Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. As of last count, 77 items had been made and sent. Isn't this awesome?!?!?!? My hook and yarn produced 4 scarves and 3 hats.
And one more yo yo ghan made out of the double yo yos has been put together. These go really fast. I am behind on making yo yoghans using the single yo yos, so this week I have been concentrating on making more squares using the single ones. Working on the 4th square now.
If you are looking for a yummy, unique gift to send to that special someone, try out Mini Menagerie Cakes. Cheese cakes, specialty cakes and tarts are what is on her menu. And oh, so delicious!! She even sells gift baskets full of these super yummy treats.
Until next time....Happy Crafting!!!!!