Saturday, March 19, 2011

Finally~~~An Update


Sorry, about being MIA lately. Just don't like to sit on the puter at home once I get home from work. And the weekends, well, there always seems to be something going on (homework, housework, playing with the grand kids, etc)
I have a few pictures to share. Not many as my crochet time has been a little limited. Pictures 1 and 2 are of a shawl made for an Elder Center on Pine Ridge. CFAC had a challenge to make items for the Elder Center. It is called Simply Shawl and the pattern can be found here. Definatley fun to make. Good thing as I need to make one for a friend of mine.

Next, we have a caplette also for the Elder Center. I'm hoping it is making one special lady feel elegant as she goes to dinner with her friends. Pattern name and link?? Chanson En Crochet There are several errors - the fixes can be found here.

And lastly, the first yo yoghan of the year is completed (well, I did make another one, but that was for my grandson - materials donated by my friend

Carol). This ghan is heading to the UC Davis children's infusion center.

On the hook now? A flannelghan for my youngest son - done in black and red. It is almost done. Super easy pattern and it comes together really fast. Thanks for popping in. Leave me a comment to say hi. Love to hear from my crafty friends.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Yarn Bombing

Surfing around Ravelry's forums, this post caught my eye. How cool is this? Destashing and doing good for others?? Nothing could be better. Take a peek and let me know what you think. Is this something you would or will do? Post a response and let me know your thoughts.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Flying Hook

I know, I've neglected my blog. So much going on, that I tend NOT to sit at my computer too much at home. (well, checking e-mails and such, but not much else.) So, let's see if I can update some of what has been helping me de-stash my yarn stash.
In September, an afghan was started for a friend at church. It was finally finished last week. If it would have been worked on with no other crochet interruptions, my friend would have had it sooner. Seems as if I had Crochet ADD. lol

I needed something to keep my hands warm at work. They always keep it too cool for my comfort. These fingerless mitts were perfect. And so easy to make. The pattern is from Interweave Crochet (Fall 2009) and the pattern name is Orchard Mitts. (BTW - this year, work has turned up the heat, so no need for them at work. But they keep my hands warm while driving to work)
This past Oct, while at the Women of Faith Conference in Tampa, my friends and I scouted out the stores at the local mall. My friend found a scarf which she fell in love with. "Oh, I bet Jana can make one of these!!" Luckily her birthday was soon, so this is what I found to make for her.

Let's see, what else. Oh! This same friend gave me (for my b-day) a Crochet Today magazine. Of which these were from. Made a set of 6 for another friend's housewarming gift. Now, hubby wants a set.

On the hook right now is this afghan (for my niece's wedding present). I started it about 3 days ago and am almost done. (no work at all this week. Lots of time to crochet).

Sadly, not much has been done for CFAC these past few months. I've had to play catch up on personal projects. But with all of these other projects now getting finished up, I'll have more time to play with the yo yos which have been accumulating.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Happy Birthday CFAC!!!

Crafting for a Cause turned 5 years old in July. Hard to believe that when I joined in 2005 there were 12 members. We are now close to 250!!! And all the hands working together are doing so much to warm the hearts and bodies of so many. Come check us out. We would love to have your hands too.

To celebrate, CFAC has asked the members to each make one hat or scarf to send to one of our causes on Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. As of last count, 77 items had been made and sent. Isn't this awesome?!?!?!? My hook and yarn produced 4 scarves and 3 hats.
And one more yo yo ghan made out of the double yo yos has been put together. These go really fast. I am behind on making yo yoghans using the single yo yos, so this week I have been concentrating on making more squares using the single ones. Working on the 4th square now.
If you are looking for a yummy, unique gift to send to that special someone, try out Mini Menagerie Cakes. Cheese cakes, specialty cakes and tarts are what is on her menu. And oh, so delicious!! She even sells gift baskets full of these super yummy treats.
Until next time....Happy Crafting!!!!!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

WIM's from the last post

Here is how the WIM's from my last post have turned out -
Book Thongs - I bought the beads needed to make these. A BIG container from Micheals with hundreds of beads of all different sizes. So far 2, yes TWO, book thongs have been made. That big container still contains lots and lots of beads.
Drawstring Beach Bag - I showed Sue (my friend and designer of the bag) the crochet cotton I wanted to use for this bag. It was what was left over from a pounder of Bernat Handicrafter. Both of us thought, yeah, this will be enough to make the bag. NOT!!! I am halfway thru and, yes, you guessed it, I ran out. To top it off, they no longer make the colorway I am using (blue grass). I even e-mailed my fav on line yarn store (where I bought it from) to see if she had any lying around. Another big NOT!! Sue lives near a Micheals and a JoAnns and pretty much inhabits on a weekly basis. (Me? I live in the boonies and have to trek 45 min in any direction to get yarn.) She thinks she found a colorway close to what I ran out of. Until I see her again, this project is hibernating.
Now for the Cocoon - What a fun, quick project! And it would have worked had my daughter not delivered a whopper of a baby. I even made the version needed for a larger newborn. Yeah right. Well, we did wait til the baby was a month old to have pics taken. But even so....He is a moose - he will be 6 weeks this week and he weighs in at 14 pounds!! Needless to say, he just wouldn't fit. I gave the cocoon to my friend (part time baby photographer). She can use it for normal, small babies. Or as a hat for herself. Yes, she put it on her head and it made a cute slouchy hat. lol
I finished the afghan for our couch. Will post pics once I take some. A few more dischcloths have been made. For who? One for my daughter and the others possibly for my SIL. Her and my brother just moved and thought this would make a nice, small housewarming gift. (my brother says she has too much stuff, lol)
A bunch of double yo yos have been mailed to me and these will be assembled to make another yo yo ghan. And I also have the yarn ready to go for an afghan pattern that a friend from Ravelry mailed to me. But I am not feeling overwhelmed with all this right now. This a good thing, right?
Enough rambling. Time to get my behind in gear. 7:15 a.m. - church is at 9. And I still have to get Aubrey out of bed and ready besides getting myself ready. Hope everyone has a wonderful, blessed day!!!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Yarn, Crochet Hooks and Patterns

Getting that feeling again of having too many projects on my plate - or should I say "on my hooks". Trying to finish a balero for my daughter. The back and left side are done, just need to do the the right side and the sleeves. The pattern is pretty easy, but I always seem to pick up something else to work on. Like an afghan, or maybe a coaster or two - dishcloths, chapstick holders....
Oh, my little grandson arrived on May 17th!! A whopping 9 lbs 11 ozs!!! Even the dr was suprised at his weight. All are healthy and the happy family is home adjusting to all the newness. My granddaughter has picked up her roll as the big sister. She loves it.
Going yarn shopping today with my Crochetville friend, Sue (aka TurtleLvr). We always have so much fun - and she always throws extra yarn in my cart!! I swear..I go in with a simple little list and walk out with bags of extras. lol Guess that overwhelming feeling will continue to haunt me. I have my list of what I need to comple more WIM's - like book thongs, a drawsting beach bag (pattern by Sue), a baby cocoon (for baby pics of my newest little angel). Yikes!! Guess I should get off this puter and crochet a bit before I leave for our yarn excursion.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Time Flies by....

How can it be April already! It isn't possible!! Only 3 more weeks and my daughter should be holding her little son in her arms (and she better pass him onto me too!!) One baby afghan has been completed and she will receive it tomorrow. A second one is being made for the other grandma to have.

This is her 1st grandchild. Boy, do I remember that excitement. Not saying that the second time around isn't exciting too. Trust me, it is VERY exciting!

One more yo yoghan has been almost wrapped up. Just the dreaded ends need tying in. It gets worked on between the baby afghan, home work, regular work and house work.

What do you think of of this pic?

It was taken last week after the Shuttle went up and the upper winds swoooshed around the trail of smoke it left. I watched it light up the morning sky before heading to work. It was spectacular! The sky was so clear you could see it forever and ever and ever! And with the sky being so clear, the roar and shaking of the windows lasted longer than normal. I am going to miss the rumble and views once this fabulous "aircraft" is retired. Oh, I how I wish this weren't happening. What about all those little tots and teenagers who have dreams of becoming astronauts and exploring space and other worlds. This is a true tradgedy.