Saturday, May 29, 2010

Yarn, Crochet Hooks and Patterns

Getting that feeling again of having too many projects on my plate - or should I say "on my hooks". Trying to finish a balero for my daughter. The back and left side are done, just need to do the the right side and the sleeves. The pattern is pretty easy, but I always seem to pick up something else to work on. Like an afghan, or maybe a coaster or two - dishcloths, chapstick holders....
Oh, my little grandson arrived on May 17th!! A whopping 9 lbs 11 ozs!!! Even the dr was suprised at his weight. All are healthy and the happy family is home adjusting to all the newness. My granddaughter has picked up her roll as the big sister. She loves it.
Going yarn shopping today with my Crochetville friend, Sue (aka TurtleLvr). We always have so much fun - and she always throws extra yarn in my cart!! I swear..I go in with a simple little list and walk out with bags of extras. lol Guess that overwhelming feeling will continue to haunt me. I have my list of what I need to comple more WIM's - like book thongs, a drawsting beach bag (pattern by Sue), a baby cocoon (for baby pics of my newest little angel). Yikes!! Guess I should get off this puter and crochet a bit before I leave for our yarn excursion.

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Tina said...

Congratulations on your new grandson. He is a cutie. Our smallest baby was 9 lbs. 4 oz. Middle guy 9 13, youngest 10 9. They all looked a month old when they were born lol.