Saturday, April 10, 2010

Time Flies by....

How can it be April already! It isn't possible!! Only 3 more weeks and my daughter should be holding her little son in her arms (and she better pass him onto me too!!) One baby afghan has been completed and she will receive it tomorrow. A second one is being made for the other grandma to have.

This is her 1st grandchild. Boy, do I remember that excitement. Not saying that the second time around isn't exciting too. Trust me, it is VERY exciting!

One more yo yoghan has been almost wrapped up. Just the dreaded ends need tying in. It gets worked on between the baby afghan, home work, regular work and house work.

What do you think of of this pic?

It was taken last week after the Shuttle went up and the upper winds swoooshed around the trail of smoke it left. I watched it light up the morning sky before heading to work. It was spectacular! The sky was so clear you could see it forever and ever and ever! And with the sky being so clear, the roar and shaking of the windows lasted longer than normal. I am going to miss the rumble and views once this fabulous "aircraft" is retired. Oh, I how I wish this weren't happening. What about all those little tots and teenagers who have dreams of becoming astronauts and exploring space and other worlds. This is a true tradgedy.


Paula said...

I feel the same way as you do about the retirement of the Space Shuttlee. What a sad day.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful afghans, Jana! Congratulations also on your new grandson--how exciting!