Sunday, December 28, 2008

Goodbye to 2008 ~ Hello to 2009

Mom has always told me that as you get older the years go by quicker and quicker. She wasn't joking!!! Can it really be that 2009 is less than a week away? How can that be? There were so many things I wanted to do in 2008 that just have not happened.

But, the hook has been flying away. Since my last posting: 2 hats, 2 scarves, Aubrey's Travelghan - all of these have been completed. Still working on yo yoghan #12. This is a slow project. Needed some instant gratifications. And some quick stash busting. So the hats and scarves were completed. Good thing as CFAC is having a scarf CAL for January! Yippee!! For once I can say I am ahead of the game. lol

Yesterday I was able to meet up with the knit group at the local bread store. They love me even if I cannot knit. We spent 3 hours playing with yarn and talking about life. No phones, no kids scraming...just female adult time. And I tried starting a baby blanket, but I was too busy talking that I just never got my stitch counts right. That's alright. I figured it out when I got home.

Last week on the news, I heard that a Toys for Tot's distribution center in Orlando had run out of toys. This broke my heart. Especially since a family member of mine had to rely on this program this year. Luckily, her distribution center was not affected by this. Usually I will buy one toy and put in the Toys for Tot's collection box. But for 2009, I am going to buy one toy a month. 12 toys by December. They may not be the big expensive items, but a board game or a book. Maybe even a soccer ball or a foot ball. With the way the economy is going, next Christmas will be the same, if not worse, than this year. Christmas is about the the birth of our Lord and Saviour. And I feel like He is calling upon me to do a little more for others and less for myself.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Here I Am

Seems like I am posting only once a month lately. Does this mean I am not on the computer much?? I guess after being on this nasty creation all day at work, I don't much feel like hopping right back on when I get home.
The crochet hooks have been keeping me occupied during my ups and downs of the past few months. (yes, still traveling down the path of uncertainty.) Can't remember what had been completed when I last posted (should I have read it first?? Probably). If I repeat myself, please just skip over whatever you already know.
Let's see...A grannyghan was made for a friend going thru radiation treatments. (he received it yesterday and was speechless. Definately NOT something he is.) Yo yoghan #11 has been sent and # 12 is already about 30% done. A no brainer scarf pattern was used and made in 2 days. Made a travelghan for the infusion center. This was such an easy and fun project, I decided my granddaughter should have one for Christmas. All that is left to complete this project is to put 2 buttons on it (that have to be bought yet) and to make the handle. There are several bookmarks that just need the ends tied in. Did about half of them a couple nights ago. Now to just sit and do the rest (worst part of crocheting is sewing in those nasty little ends.)
Oh, and I have been asked to make 3 pair of bunny slippers -yes!!! Commissioned work!! The colors requested?? 1 in purple and 2 in orange. Don't ask about the colors as I have no clue. But hey...commissioned work!!!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Where did October go?

Can someone please tell me where the whole month of October went to? Is it really the last week of this month already? Trying to think what all was accomplished, if anything, in October. Let me think....the Jacob's Ladder afghan is still in progress. Yoyoghan #11 has been completed. Working on a travelghan for the infusion center. The church asked me this past Sunday to make more hangars to be sold next Sunday (Major YIKES!). And I think there may have been a dischloth and scarf in the mix too.
The knitting is so slow going. The knitting needles may have to be returned to my friend Patti. Just cannot seem to get the right tension and the right way to hold the yarn and needles.
The bump in road I spoke of in my last post has become a hill. Trying not to have it turn into a mountain. All I can do is put this problem in God's hands. He has a plan and I am just going to have to follow what He tells me to do. Until then, I will be working on hangars the rest of this week - then back to the travelghan.
Oh, has anyone purchased yarn from Angelicrafts? I ordered $36 worth of RH millends from them. This yarn is perfect for my charity crafts. I am still going to buy from my fav online yarn store when I need to make an afghan for a present.
Tah Tah for now.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Life's LIttle Bumps

What's the saying? "Sometimes life throws you a curve ball"..I think that is it. Well, life threw one at me and I think I am playing dodge ball with it. Just as long as the ball doesn't hit me, things will be fine. (not medical, just personal) So, between the crochet slump and playing "ball", I haven't felt like posting at all.

After a weekend retreat with some friends, I have come out of hiding and am here to give the crochet up date. Really didn't think there was much to report on, but my hooks saw more crochet action than I thought. Another yo yoghan was completed (#10) and another afghan (Jacob's Ladder) is on the hook. Trying to use up what is in the stash. 2 more dishcloths have been made to go in the box heading to the women's shelter on the reservation. 170 something 5" grannys were sent to one of CFAC's collector of squares (sure hope you have room for them Monica). Those used up quite a bit stash. 5 hangars were completed. And a coaster/small doily was made for my best friend. 10 bookmarks are completed - 40 more to go. These will be going to the infusion center.

Now I am off to see what you all have been up to.

Monday, September 1, 2008


Been awhile, I know. Just have been in a crochet slump. This is a lapghan that took forever to finish (thanks to the slump). It is a pattern called July 4th Fanfare (or is it 4th of July Fanfare?) Mom calls it a basketweave pattern.
Yo Yoghan #10 is a little over half way completed. Also, I have been trying to work thru my stash making granny squares. Have over 60 completed. Once the box is full of granny's then they will be mailed off to another CFAC member to assemble into lapghans/afghans for one of the causes we support.
Earlier in the year, I challenged LuAnne from CFAC - for every stuffed toy she made for the Infusion Center, I would make 5 bookmarks. WHOOPS! The crochet slump could not have come at a worse time!! lol She has commited to making 10 toys - and I think I just need to be comitted!!! I think I have 7 done. Sooo far behind.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Mesh Bag

Just wanted to share this mesh bag with you. CFAC is doing a tote CAL this month and this was one of the patterns to choose from. Once they are done, we are asking that they be mailed to a women's shelter we help out. Gonna try and make a few and fill them with toiletries, crossword books, reading books, etc. So far this is the only one that I have done. They are really quick and fun to make.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Knitting Lessons!!!

Late Friday night, I checked my messages and there was one from my on-line friend, Patti (who lives locally, but have never met) inviting me to join her and her knitting group the following morning! I was so excited. Went and found a tote bag that I could put some yarn, scissors and crochet hook (just in case I was all fumble fingers) in. I had no knitting needles, so I e-mailed her asking if she could bring some for me to borrow. Oh, how I hoped she would get the e-mail. I was so anxious to learn this new yarn craft.
The knitting group meets a the local bread store. It is such a great place to meet friends, come read a book or just hang out and relax. We met upstairs where there were big comfy chairs set around coffee tables. There were 2 others besides Patti and myself. They made me feel like part of their little group right from the beginning. I haven't had a day like that in so long. (I stayed for 3 hours before I had to take off to do errands.)
Patti is a great teacher. She was so patient with me and my fumble fingers. And, yes, she did get my e-mail. I have never seen so many types of knitting needles in my life! She is letting me borrow some until I finish up the dishcloth I started.
The stitch she taught me is really easy - if only my finger would quit getting poked by the end of the needle. Once I figure out how to hold the yarn and needles in a comfortable way for me, then I am sure things will go a lot faster.
Thanks Patti, Bonnie and Chris (??- I am no good with names!!) ~ you girls are the best!

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Knitting Lessons?

For a while now, I have been reading on friend's blogs about how fun it is to knit socks. The temptation has been there for me to learn the art of knitting so I too can try to make some (even tho they won't go well with my flip flops and sandals). Yesterday, I think I finally got the final temptation. Story goes....the owner of the company I work for told his wife - who knits - that I knit also (poor man doesn't know the difference between a hook and knitting For her mother's day gift, he paid to send her to the yearly Knitter's Convention. He told me how much fun she was having up there and how I needed to go next year. Yesterday, his wife shows up with a goodie bag for me! I was speechless! And she knew I was a grandma, so she gave me a pattern for baby socks/booties along with the yarn needed to make them. Now, I think I will have to find out when the next beginner's knitting class is at my LYS and make sure I have seat reserved in my name.
Earlier this week, YoYoghan #9 was completed. This week sometime, a box will be mailed with 2 yo yoghans heading for The Hartwyck Brain Trauma Unit in NJ. Also was able to finish up another scarf and several squares from the 99 Granny Square Booklet.
In the past I have mentioned my Aunt Mable who crocheted over 300 afghans for Project Linus. Tomorrow is her 98th birthday!!! She is my idol. In honor of her birthday and her many years of crocheting for charity, the afghan that I hope to start tomorrow will be given in her honor to a CFAC cause when completed. Just got off the phone with her and she is as spunky as ever. She finally put down her hook several months ago due to her eyesight. She told me how much she missed it. Tried to get her to try bigger hooks, but she said no. (Told her she is a stubborn, old
Enjoy your weekend!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Yo Yos, Yo Yos Everywhere

By the end of this weekend I should be able to complete the 2nd yo yoghan for the month. This pic is of the earth tone one I was working on. Put the call out to CFAC members that I needed more of these colors and boy did they pull thru! I think there is almost enough of these colors left to make another one in earth tones. The one on my hook now is more bright colors - and it is yo yoghan #9. After this one is done, the count will be 2,916 yo yos connected! The majority of these made and sent to me by CFAC members. I can't say enough about how great these girls are.

Making dishcloths and potholders is the CFAC challenge for June and July. So far I have made ONE!! Someone mentioned using 2 strands of doily thread, so I had to try it. Not sure how it will work with washing dishes, but it sure looks and feels nice.

Many years ago mom gave me a book called 99 Granny Squares to Crochet. This week I decided to try and make as many of these as possible. They will be sent to one of our members who collects and assembles them into lapghans for our charity causes. So far there are 5 sitting in a box waiting for more to join them. Been using up the yarn I had left over from the Tulip Afghan - white, burgundy, pink. Been having fun doing this.

Tuesday is Sea World day! Meeting Vicki (from our CFAC group) is going to be so much fun! And we are taking Little Aubrey with us!!! Hubby and I are really looking forward to this day.

Time to get off this puter and get myself together. Will be at church all day today for a "new members" informational class. I am a member at the church, but thought this would be a good refresher course for me. Plus it gets me out of the house since hubby is at work. Hope everyone enjoys their weekend!

Monday, June 9, 2008

And the Verdict Is...

We decided against getting Rufus the puppy. As much as we wanted to give him a new furever home, we thought it wouldn't be the best for him at this time. As his foster parents put it, he is a work in progress. The trainer he has came and talked to us too. I just don't think I would have been able to give him the training needed - especially since we leave for vacation mid July. Poor puppy would have been so confused. Left tied to a tree, picked up by the Humane Society, put in a foster home, then our home, then doggy hotel, then back to our home. There was another couple who had inquired about him. Maybe they can give him the time and patience to make him a well behaved dog (he loves to jump!!) But, if he still has not been placed when we get back from vacation, we may call and see if we can get him.
Crochet wise...finally finished the scarf for May. Never did start the May slippers. But I have til the end of June..right?? lol CFAC members heard my call for earthtone yo yos and they have sent enough for me to take lapghan #8 our of hiding and back to the hook. Now I am only 3 rows away from completing it. Maybe today that could be accomplished. Started working on lapghan #9 using bright colors while I was waiting for the earthtone ones. Now that one is sleeping peacefully until #8 is done. Yesterday I also made 3 hangars for the church. Trying to get atleast a dozen done by next Sunday. Right now I have a total of 6. Half way there.
In a couple weeks, I am going to meet up with one of the members of CFAC. She is coming to Orlando with her teenage son and his friend for a week. Hubby and I will meet up with them at SeaWorld for a day of fun. I am really excited about meeting her. She is so much fun to chat with on-line. Yesterday we talked on the phone for about 45 minutes. And we never had one of those awkward moments of silence.
Off to get some work done around the house. Maybe I can talk hubby into taking the boat out this afternoon if it isn't too awful hot.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Is it June Already?

Here it is the start of a new month and I have NOT finished my May monthly self-imposed challenges (a pair of bunny slippers and one scarf). How difficult can this be???
Last week I started working on this scarf. It is a pattern from the Seamen's Church Institute. Click HERE for the pattern. As thick as this is, it will keep a neck warm on the Rez next winter. And it is really so simple to make. Bunny slippers?? Maybe I will get to them next week. I was able to finish a dishcloth made with 2 strands fo crochet thread. But that is about it. Been reading more than crocheting lately.
Tomorrow, hubby and I are going to take a road trip to Gainesville to visit a puppy (well, he is about a year old). Since our Sammy died, we have been back and forth about getting another dog. We still are not sure, but when I saw this guy's pic, I just had to inquire. For those that are interested, go to the Florida Sharpei Rescue/Adoptable Dogs site (see, I made it easy for ya), then scroll down til you see Rufus. His face just says "Don't ya want to play with me??" Talked to his foster dad today. He says Rufus is still a work in progress. Not sure that will fit with our work schedules. If it is meant to be, then we will know as soon as we meet up with him. If not, then we will continue our wait for the right fit.
Guess I should go work on the scarf til hubby gets home from work.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Not Much Happening Here

YoYoghan #8 is being made in earthtones. Last night I realized that I would not have enough earthtones to complete this one, so I had to put it down. I have asked the CFAC memebers to help me out. I know soon this lapghan will be picked up again and soon completed. In the meantime, tonight I will start yoyoghan #9 with pretty pastel colors.
CFAC's June/July challenge will be dishcloths. For June, they will be mailed to the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation (we have a couple contacts there). Then in July, we will be mailing our dishcloths to a domestic violence center on the Rez.
Final update on the Tulip lapghan. My friend received her suprise gift this past Friday. She e-mailed me and said how she walked around for the first half hour holding this lapghan and crying. She had been reading the updates on my blog, so she knew about it. Just did not realize this ROAK was for her. But the best part?? She is going to pass on the RAOK by making a gift for someone she knows who is going thru hard time right now. How much better could that be?!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Pic # 2

And here is the full pic.

It's all done!

Took me 6 hours total to do the fringe. But it brings the whole lapghan together. Now you won't have to hear anymore about it. lol Don't know how to post more than one pic to a post, so will make a second post to show the whole lapghan.

Now I must go make dinner. Tah tah for now!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

The Fringe Experiment

The fringe is being put on the tulip afghan now. I started a couple nights ago. So far, I have 4 hours into it. The hardest part is cutting all the little pieces (which really is not hard at all). It takes 2 - 8" strands at the end of every row. Mind you, every row was done in single crochet. So there are lots of ends and lots of 8" strands. But it is all worth it. The final afghan is so pretty (yes, I am patting my self on the back with this one. sorry)
Oh, and the bunny slippers for April were made. Now I have to do the scarf and slippers for May. And then start on the next yo yo ghan. Busy busy busy. What has everyone else been up to? Craftwise or otherwise?

Monday, May 12, 2008

A Little of This, A Little of That

Been busy trying to finish up the tulip afghan. Have less than 15 rows to complete before the dreaded fringe can be started. Was hoping to finish it this weekend, but just did not have the time.
Finished making 12 finger puppets for CFAC's finger puppet challenge. Will be mailing these this week along with 20 snake book marks and the lastest yo yo ghan. Was hoping to have some more goodies in the box. Next time I will see what I can find to stuff the box with.
I have also been working on Gail's Favorite Dish Cloth. They are real quick to make up and work great. I tried making the spiral scrubbie but had a real hard time figuring out how to complete it. Thanks to Crochetville, I figured it out. Hope to make some more of those too.
Keeping an eye on these fires down here. Daytona Beach to the north of us. Cocoa and Palm Bay to the south. I really feel for the families as we were evacuated in 1998 due to the wildfires in our community. I pray that the rain will come soon and help the firefighters get these put out

Saturday, May 3, 2008

No Bunny Slippers Yet

O.k., May has started by only 3 days and I am already behind. One scarf and one pair of bunny slippers a month does not sound that hard. Well, the scarf for April got done last weekend, but the bunny slippers never made it to the hook. So today I HAVE to make them. But it is so hard putting down that tulip afghan. It is half way done (not counting the fringe process) and the excitement is building. Suprising people is so much fun.
Last week hubby and I suprised our friend Bruce. Bruce and his wife Lynn are the couple we cruised to Alaska with last Sept. (Lynn and I met online thru CFAC. We decided to meet in person while taking a cruise.) Anyways, Bruce told us his dream was to climb Mt Everest. Guess what I found? A board type game about climbing this mountain. We ordered it and had it mailed to his house (they live waaay out in CA) RAOK are a blast!!
Time to finish my tea, check the laundry then dig thru the stash for some bunny yarn. Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Another day in the life

Not much happening here in the world of crochet. Been working on the tulip afghan as much as I can. Really excited to get it finished and mailed off. Have also been making one finger puppet and a couple granny's daughters each day. These are for the April/May challenge at CFAC. Have been a little sidetracked. Mom gave me a book that I just could not put down. Finished that one yesterday. Then picked up another one and now I can't seem to put this one down. Keeps me out of the bars, right?? lol
Oh crud! I just remembered...I promised myself to make one scarf and one pair of bunny slippers a month. The month is almost over with. Must go stash diving to find yarn for those projects.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Sunday, April 20, 2008


Since 360 is so finicky lately, I am going to start making dual posts to 360, Multiply and Blogspot. Then in a couple weeks, I will more than likely stop posting to 360. Would like to get it down to one place to do my crochet journaling. Will see which blog gets more responses and views. I don't want to lose contact with any of my online friends, so help me decide what to do. OH, I am so confused. (lol)
Yesterday I got up and went to the beach. I am still missing not having Little Aubrey here, but she called me yesterday. "Mommy and I are going to the beach" she told me. "Really Aubrey? Grandma is getting ready to go to the beach too!" Her response...."I'll see you there, grandma". How cute. Mind you, she lives a little over an hour away. Told her I was going to a different beach, but next weekend I would come up and go to the beach with her. Came home, did some weeding in the yard, washed some clothes and washed the car and read my book. Did not pick up the crochet hook til after hubby and I got home from dinner. We were supposed to go to a wedding next door, but we just did not feel like it. Went and wished the bride best wishes before dinner, then bowed out. It was just a small wedding with family only. Felt a little out of place.
After church, my butt is coming home, plopping in my chair and I WILL finish the baby afghan. I so much want to start the tulip afghan. The temptation is great, but I will not be seduced by the pretty yarn. lol

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

PBS Cancer Special

Tonight at 9:00 EST, Wed April 16th, there will be a 90 special on most PBS stations about the Dana Farber Foundation. I am inviting all to watch. Not only to see what Dana Farber has done to help find a cure for cancer, but also because my cousin Jennifer will be on this show. She was diagonosed with breast cancer 8 years ago, while in her 20's. She has been fighting hard ever since. She has come close to loosing her battle twice within the past couple months. But somehow she finds the strength to keep fighting.
From the PBS site ( "This film makes it clear that it's very much a part of American culture to believe that if you fight hard enough, you can beat cancer. But when it comes to having metastatic cancer, your survival depends on the biology of your cancer cells, and whether they are susceptible to state-of-the-art treatment,". The special is 90 minutes long and Jennifer's story will be shared somewhere in the middle. Although I don't know exactly what will be aired from all of the film shot, I do hope that we will be able to appreciate the care she has received at Dana Farber through several clinical trials.
For the past couple of years, Jennifer's SIL, Laura, has been walking in Avon's Walk for Breast Cancer along with some of her friends. She does this for Jennifer. So far, her team has raised over $46,000. Please check out Laura's site to see some of the ways they have helped support this cause
I hope you get a chance to watch the show.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Half Way There

As of last night, I am on the down side of this afghan. These corner to corner (diagonal) patterns are really easy, but they remind me of the round ripple afghan in a way. With the round ripple , the rounds keep getting longer and longer to finish since you are adding stitches to each row. The corner to corner is the same, until you reach the measurement you want it to be. Then you start decreasing stitches on each row. I have used up about 2 skeins of yarn so far from the stash received from my friend at work. This means 2 more skeins will be used on the downside. Total of 4 skeins will be gone. Then I can get to work on the other 37 new skeins. Of course, I am not even going to mention the other stash stuffed in garbage bags, totes and boxes scattered thru out the house.
The weekend was quiet, but I survived. Kept busy working in the yard on Saturday. (Trying to get my tan going as vacation time is in a few months. Even tho I live in FL, my skin is pretty white. ) Was able to get a good start on a book mom gave me. So far I am liking it. House cleaning?? Well, did some laundry and dishes. That's about it. Yesterday, went to church, then spent the rest of the morning into the afternoon with mom and dad. Our church started a new contemporary service, so we tried that out.Of course, dad was in charge of the sound system stuff, so mom and I stayed up in the choir loft with him. If I were down with the rest of the congregation, I think I would have enjoyed it more. Will try it again next week.
Yes, the cupcakes were made. All by myself (pity party time). Tried a new recipe for lemon cupcakes. Not as lemony as I thought they would be, but still pretty good. Should I quit rambling now? No little one to come out and sit in my lap and try and type with me. My fingers don't know how to take this. lol Thanks for listening again. Hope everyone has a great week.