Saturday, June 21, 2008

Yo Yos, Yo Yos Everywhere

By the end of this weekend I should be able to complete the 2nd yo yoghan for the month. This pic is of the earth tone one I was working on. Put the call out to CFAC members that I needed more of these colors and boy did they pull thru! I think there is almost enough of these colors left to make another one in earth tones. The one on my hook now is more bright colors - and it is yo yoghan #9. After this one is done, the count will be 2,916 yo yos connected! The majority of these made and sent to me by CFAC members. I can't say enough about how great these girls are.

Making dishcloths and potholders is the CFAC challenge for June and July. So far I have made ONE!! Someone mentioned using 2 strands of doily thread, so I had to try it. Not sure how it will work with washing dishes, but it sure looks and feels nice.

Many years ago mom gave me a book called 99 Granny Squares to Crochet. This week I decided to try and make as many of these as possible. They will be sent to one of our members who collects and assembles them into lapghans for our charity causes. So far there are 5 sitting in a box waiting for more to join them. Been using up the yarn I had left over from the Tulip Afghan - white, burgundy, pink. Been having fun doing this.

Tuesday is Sea World day! Meeting Vicki (from our CFAC group) is going to be so much fun! And we are taking Little Aubrey with us!!! Hubby and I are really looking forward to this day.

Time to get off this puter and get myself together. Will be at church all day today for a "new members" informational class. I am a member at the church, but thought this would be a good refresher course for me. Plus it gets me out of the house since hubby is at work. Hope everyone enjoys their weekend!

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