Sunday, June 1, 2008

Is it June Already?

Here it is the start of a new month and I have NOT finished my May monthly self-imposed challenges (a pair of bunny slippers and one scarf). How difficult can this be???
Last week I started working on this scarf. It is a pattern from the Seamen's Church Institute. Click HERE for the pattern. As thick as this is, it will keep a neck warm on the Rez next winter. And it is really so simple to make. Bunny slippers?? Maybe I will get to them next week. I was able to finish a dishcloth made with 2 strands fo crochet thread. But that is about it. Been reading more than crocheting lately.
Tomorrow, hubby and I are going to take a road trip to Gainesville to visit a puppy (well, he is about a year old). Since our Sammy died, we have been back and forth about getting another dog. We still are not sure, but when I saw this guy's pic, I just had to inquire. For those that are interested, go to the Florida Sharpei Rescue/Adoptable Dogs site (see, I made it easy for ya), then scroll down til you see Rufus. His face just says "Don't ya want to play with me??" Talked to his foster dad today. He says Rufus is still a work in progress. Not sure that will fit with our work schedules. If it is meant to be, then we will know as soon as we meet up with him. If not, then we will continue our wait for the right fit.
Guess I should go work on the scarf til hubby gets home from work.

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