Monday, June 9, 2008

And the Verdict Is...

We decided against getting Rufus the puppy. As much as we wanted to give him a new furever home, we thought it wouldn't be the best for him at this time. As his foster parents put it, he is a work in progress. The trainer he has came and talked to us too. I just don't think I would have been able to give him the training needed - especially since we leave for vacation mid July. Poor puppy would have been so confused. Left tied to a tree, picked up by the Humane Society, put in a foster home, then our home, then doggy hotel, then back to our home. There was another couple who had inquired about him. Maybe they can give him the time and patience to make him a well behaved dog (he loves to jump!!) But, if he still has not been placed when we get back from vacation, we may call and see if we can get him.
Crochet wise...finally finished the scarf for May. Never did start the May slippers. But I have til the end of June..right?? lol CFAC members heard my call for earthtone yo yos and they have sent enough for me to take lapghan #8 our of hiding and back to the hook. Now I am only 3 rows away from completing it. Maybe today that could be accomplished. Started working on lapghan #9 using bright colors while I was waiting for the earthtone ones. Now that one is sleeping peacefully until #8 is done. Yesterday I also made 3 hangars for the church. Trying to get atleast a dozen done by next Sunday. Right now I have a total of 6. Half way there.
In a couple weeks, I am going to meet up with one of the members of CFAC. She is coming to Orlando with her teenage son and his friend for a week. Hubby and I will meet up with them at SeaWorld for a day of fun. I am really excited about meeting her. She is so much fun to chat with on-line. Yesterday we talked on the phone for about 45 minutes. And we never had one of those awkward moments of silence.
Off to get some work done around the house. Maybe I can talk hubby into taking the boat out this afternoon if it isn't too awful hot.

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