Monday, May 26, 2008

Not Much Happening Here

YoYoghan #8 is being made in earthtones. Last night I realized that I would not have enough earthtones to complete this one, so I had to put it down. I have asked the CFAC memebers to help me out. I know soon this lapghan will be picked up again and soon completed. In the meantime, tonight I will start yoyoghan #9 with pretty pastel colors.
CFAC's June/July challenge will be dishcloths. For June, they will be mailed to the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation (we have a couple contacts there). Then in July, we will be mailing our dishcloths to a domestic violence center on the Rez.
Final update on the Tulip lapghan. My friend received her suprise gift this past Friday. She e-mailed me and said how she walked around for the first half hour holding this lapghan and crying. She had been reading the updates on my blog, so she knew about it. Just did not realize this ROAK was for her. But the best part?? She is going to pass on the RAOK by making a gift for someone she knows who is going thru hard time right now. How much better could that be?!

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