Saturday, May 3, 2008

No Bunny Slippers Yet

O.k., May has started by only 3 days and I am already behind. One scarf and one pair of bunny slippers a month does not sound that hard. Well, the scarf for April got done last weekend, but the bunny slippers never made it to the hook. So today I HAVE to make them. But it is so hard putting down that tulip afghan. It is half way done (not counting the fringe process) and the excitement is building. Suprising people is so much fun.
Last week hubby and I suprised our friend Bruce. Bruce and his wife Lynn are the couple we cruised to Alaska with last Sept. (Lynn and I met online thru CFAC. We decided to meet in person while taking a cruise.) Anyways, Bruce told us his dream was to climb Mt Everest. Guess what I found? A board type game about climbing this mountain. We ordered it and had it mailed to his house (they live waaay out in CA) RAOK are a blast!!
Time to finish my tea, check the laundry then dig thru the stash for some bunny yarn. Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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