Monday, July 7, 2008

Mesh Bag

Just wanted to share this mesh bag with you. CFAC is doing a tote CAL this month and this was one of the patterns to choose from. Once they are done, we are asking that they be mailed to a women's shelter we help out. Gonna try and make a few and fill them with toiletries, crossword books, reading books, etc. So far this is the only one that I have done. They are really quick and fun to make.


Tina said...

Hi Jana. Did you get a new blog? Or do you still have the yahoo one, too? I haven't seen this one yet. Your tote bag looks great! I forgot I had made one and it has just been sitting around never used, I could have sent it in for July. Anyway great blog and your yo-yo ghans look great. I should get to making some more yo-yos for you. ;)

Crochetheaven said...

Hey Tina! Started this blog up after I heard so much about 360 closing down. Have not kept up much with it like I should. Been in a crochet slump. But getting back into it. Never did mail the 2 grocery totes. Filled them with a bath towel set each. Trying to find the right size box. Always in need of more yo yos. Right now I am working on squares to get rid of some stash. Will start another yo yoghan today.