Sunday, July 6, 2008

Knitting Lessons!!!

Late Friday night, I checked my messages and there was one from my on-line friend, Patti (who lives locally, but have never met) inviting me to join her and her knitting group the following morning! I was so excited. Went and found a tote bag that I could put some yarn, scissors and crochet hook (just in case I was all fumble fingers) in. I had no knitting needles, so I e-mailed her asking if she could bring some for me to borrow. Oh, how I hoped she would get the e-mail. I was so anxious to learn this new yarn craft.
The knitting group meets a the local bread store. It is such a great place to meet friends, come read a book or just hang out and relax. We met upstairs where there were big comfy chairs set around coffee tables. There were 2 others besides Patti and myself. They made me feel like part of their little group right from the beginning. I haven't had a day like that in so long. (I stayed for 3 hours before I had to take off to do errands.)
Patti is a great teacher. She was so patient with me and my fumble fingers. And, yes, she did get my e-mail. I have never seen so many types of knitting needles in my life! She is letting me borrow some until I finish up the dishcloth I started.
The stitch she taught me is really easy - if only my finger would quit getting poked by the end of the needle. Once I figure out how to hold the yarn and needles in a comfortable way for me, then I am sure things will go a lot faster.
Thanks Patti, Bonnie and Chris (??- I am no good with names!!) ~ you girls are the best!


Anonymous said...

Less than a year ago I was a flat knitter. blankets and dishcloths.(Scared of the word gauge). Dishcloths being my favorite. (Short and sweet knitting). I have since become a sock addict. I am fluent on using 5 dps's and am now going to try my wings on Magic Loop. Eventially graduating to 2 socks on either Magic Loop or 2 circulars. We'll see. I love doing socks they have so many elements I don't get bored and my feet, my family and my friends love it. Happy knitting gal

Patricia said...

Thanks for all the kudos, but you're easy to love. Welcome to the group. I hope that I can free up my Saturdays soon so that we can get together with more regularity. Love the mesh tote. I will look into making some more sustainable grocery bags and look into a new charity.