Monday, September 22, 2008

Life's LIttle Bumps

What's the saying? "Sometimes life throws you a curve ball"..I think that is it. Well, life threw one at me and I think I am playing dodge ball with it. Just as long as the ball doesn't hit me, things will be fine. (not medical, just personal) So, between the crochet slump and playing "ball", I haven't felt like posting at all.

After a weekend retreat with some friends, I have come out of hiding and am here to give the crochet up date. Really didn't think there was much to report on, but my hooks saw more crochet action than I thought. Another yo yoghan was completed (#10) and another afghan (Jacob's Ladder) is on the hook. Trying to use up what is in the stash. 2 more dishcloths have been made to go in the box heading to the women's shelter on the reservation. 170 something 5" grannys were sent to one of CFAC's collector of squares (sure hope you have room for them Monica). Those used up quite a bit stash. 5 hangars were completed. And a coaster/small doily was made for my best friend. 10 bookmarks are completed - 40 more to go. These will be going to the infusion center.

Now I am off to see what you all have been up to.


Patricia said...

Hope its a ball you can toss back like a hot potato.
Nice little doily!

Anonymous said...

Hope things are going okay for you, Jana. Your doily is spectacular!