Monday, April 14, 2008

Half Way There

As of last night, I am on the down side of this afghan. These corner to corner (diagonal) patterns are really easy, but they remind me of the round ripple afghan in a way. With the round ripple , the rounds keep getting longer and longer to finish since you are adding stitches to each row. The corner to corner is the same, until you reach the measurement you want it to be. Then you start decreasing stitches on each row. I have used up about 2 skeins of yarn so far from the stash received from my friend at work. This means 2 more skeins will be used on the downside. Total of 4 skeins will be gone. Then I can get to work on the other 37 new skeins. Of course, I am not even going to mention the other stash stuffed in garbage bags, totes and boxes scattered thru out the house.
The weekend was quiet, but I survived. Kept busy working in the yard on Saturday. (Trying to get my tan going as vacation time is in a few months. Even tho I live in FL, my skin is pretty white. ) Was able to get a good start on a book mom gave me. So far I am liking it. House cleaning?? Well, did some laundry and dishes. That's about it. Yesterday, went to church, then spent the rest of the morning into the afternoon with mom and dad. Our church started a new contemporary service, so we tried that out.Of course, dad was in charge of the sound system stuff, so mom and I stayed up in the choir loft with him. If I were down with the rest of the congregation, I think I would have enjoyed it more. Will try it again next week.
Yes, the cupcakes were made. All by myself (pity party time). Tried a new recipe for lemon cupcakes. Not as lemony as I thought they would be, but still pretty good. Should I quit rambling now? No little one to come out and sit in my lap and try and type with me. My fingers don't know how to take this. lol Thanks for listening again. Hope everyone has a great week.

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