Sunday, June 27, 2010

WIM's from the last post

Here is how the WIM's from my last post have turned out -
Book Thongs - I bought the beads needed to make these. A BIG container from Micheals with hundreds of beads of all different sizes. So far 2, yes TWO, book thongs have been made. That big container still contains lots and lots of beads.
Drawstring Beach Bag - I showed Sue (my friend and designer of the bag) the crochet cotton I wanted to use for this bag. It was what was left over from a pounder of Bernat Handicrafter. Both of us thought, yeah, this will be enough to make the bag. NOT!!! I am halfway thru and, yes, you guessed it, I ran out. To top it off, they no longer make the colorway I am using (blue grass). I even e-mailed my fav on line yarn store (where I bought it from) to see if she had any lying around. Another big NOT!! Sue lives near a Micheals and a JoAnns and pretty much inhabits on a weekly basis. (Me? I live in the boonies and have to trek 45 min in any direction to get yarn.) She thinks she found a colorway close to what I ran out of. Until I see her again, this project is hibernating.
Now for the Cocoon - What a fun, quick project! And it would have worked had my daughter not delivered a whopper of a baby. I even made the version needed for a larger newborn. Yeah right. Well, we did wait til the baby was a month old to have pics taken. But even so....He is a moose - he will be 6 weeks this week and he weighs in at 14 pounds!! Needless to say, he just wouldn't fit. I gave the cocoon to my friend (part time baby photographer). She can use it for normal, small babies. Or as a hat for herself. Yes, she put it on her head and it made a cute slouchy hat. lol
I finished the afghan for our couch. Will post pics once I take some. A few more dischcloths have been made. For who? One for my daughter and the others possibly for my SIL. Her and my brother just moved and thought this would make a nice, small housewarming gift. (my brother says she has too much stuff, lol)
A bunch of double yo yos have been mailed to me and these will be assembled to make another yo yo ghan. And I also have the yarn ready to go for an afghan pattern that a friend from Ravelry mailed to me. But I am not feeling overwhelmed with all this right now. This a good thing, right?
Enough rambling. Time to get my behind in gear. 7:15 a.m. - church is at 9. And I still have to get Aubrey out of bed and ready besides getting myself ready. Hope everyone has a wonderful, blessed day!!!

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