Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Flying Hook

I know, I've neglected my blog. So much going on, that I tend NOT to sit at my computer too much at home. (well, checking e-mails and such, but not much else.) So, let's see if I can update some of what has been helping me de-stash my yarn stash.
In September, an afghan was started for a friend at church. It was finally finished last week. If it would have been worked on with no other crochet interruptions, my friend would have had it sooner. Seems as if I had Crochet ADD. lol

I needed something to keep my hands warm at work. They always keep it too cool for my comfort. These fingerless mitts were perfect. And so easy to make. The pattern is from Interweave Crochet (Fall 2009) and the pattern name is Orchard Mitts. (BTW - this year, work has turned up the heat, so no need for them at work. But they keep my hands warm while driving to work)
This past Oct, while at the Women of Faith Conference in Tampa, my friends and I scouted out the stores at the local mall. My friend found a scarf which she fell in love with. "Oh, I bet Jana can make one of these!!" Luckily her birthday was soon, so this is what I found to make for her.

Let's see, what else. Oh! This same friend gave me (for my b-day) a Crochet Today magazine. Of which these were from. Made a set of 6 for another friend's housewarming gift. Now, hubby wants a set.

On the hook right now is this afghan (for my niece's wedding present). I started it about 3 days ago and am almost done. (no work at all this week. Lots of time to crochet).

Sadly, not much has been done for CFAC these past few months. I've had to play catch up on personal projects. But with all of these other projects now getting finished up, I'll have more time to play with the yo yos which have been accumulating.


LindaCrochets said...

I love the afghan! What is the pattern called? I don't think I've seen one quite like that before. Love the mits also

Crochetheaven said...

Thanks Linda. The pattern is from Annie's Crochet Quilt Afghan Club (don't know how old it is). And the name is Victorian Lace Pair (because there is a pillow to go along with it). Designer's name is Virginia Volk.

Clara said...

Wow, the afghan is gorgeous as is everything else. Life gets in the way of blogging and crochet time very often, making it hard to keep up.

Wishing you all the best in 2011!