Friday, January 30, 2009

January Update

Can't say I have done a whole lot this past month. The baby afghan for a co-worker was completed and a few scarves were made. These were sent to a shelter for abused women on the Pine Ridge reservation. And I made lots of hangers - some for the church to sell and a few more the the CFAC Web store (check it out. All monies raised goes to buy propane for needy families on the reservation). Hmm..reading this, more things were accomplished than I thought.

Last week I ordered yarn to make another Tulip afghan. The girls in the Knead to Knit group had decided to each enter one knit project for the county fair. Krista said that I should enter a crochet project too. I was truly excited at this thought. After the meeting, I went home and ordered the yarn. But disappointment was soon to come. There are categories for sewing and knitting, but no crocheting. Boy was I bummed out. But this is o.k. The tulip afghan is going to be made anyways and given as a Random Act of Kindness gift. Like the one I made last year. It was so much fun to do it, that I have decided to do a RAOK gift atleast once a year.

Off to play with my new yarn stash. Toodles!


Cherri said...

The hangers are soooo pretty and the baby afghan is just beautiful!! Bummer about the tulip-ghan but someone is going to get a wonderful surprise.
Hugs, Cherri

Anonymous said...

I love the baby afghan--that's a pretty stitch.