Friday, June 12, 2009

Squares, Hats and Hangars

Been awhile since I have been here. Been busy with the normal daily routines of, house work, reading and of course, crochet. Finally figured out a plan so I don't get bored just crocheting one thing. (taking a break from the yo yoghans). CFAC's monthly challenge for June is to make squares. Any size or color desired. I am making these pretty little flower squares. Make four of them, tie in the ends set them aside. (Pattern can be found for these in Country Woman magazine April/May 2009)
Then I make a hat (for CFAC of course). This pattern was designed by Julie Bolduc and is called The Addison Hat. I cannot find the pattern on line anymore. Luckily I printed it out. They are so much fun and easy to make. After that, make a hangar (cover a hangar with yarn like my grandma taught me.) The hangars are for the Christmas bazaar at church.
And for those of you that enjoy reading a good book, I have to point you towards my book list over to the right. Check out Love and Duty. Usually, I don't venture into reading many true stories - and never do I read war stories. But this one is so different and so good. If you don't want to buy it, check your local library to see if they can get it for you. It really puts love, honor, and duty in a new light. Atleast in my eyes. I bought this book while visiting Andersonville, GA. This was a wonderful experience - one that I would love to go and re-do. Mom, Dad and I stayed at an amazing B&B (Americus Garden Inn). Anyways, back to the book. If you do read this book, please let me know your thoughts on it.
Off to figure out what to feed my growling belly. Toodles!


Paula said...

LOVE the flower squares.

You should put the name of the pattern and the link or book it came from. Then, peple like me who LOVE to collect patterns, cand find it :0}

That's why I named my new blog Confessions of a Crochet Pattern Slut. I merged bmy old blog with this one andn ow I am finally happy with the results.

Crochetheaven said...

Thanks for the input Paula. I will go back and add it.

Knitty Nina said...

I found the Addison Hat at

I like the looks of it and wanted to try it myself if I could find the pattern.