Saturday, October 17, 2009

The Lost Crocheter Returns

Well, not really lost. Just lazy. Too lazy to sit and post an entry. But I can sit and play Bejeweled for hours. lol Some crochet has been done. Several hats were made and sent to the CFAC Web Store. (come by and take a peek at what is for sale!!) About a dozen hangars were sent along with the hats too. The Wool Eater is off the hooks and was mailed to the happy couple. Now they will be really warm in the cold Buffalo winter. One more yo yoghan is ready to be sent to the children's infusion center. This one turned out so different since it was joined with purple instead of white. And 3 out of 6 placemats are done.

More hangars are being made for the church's fall flea market. So far, 23 are ready to go. The Super Simply Charity Blankie was started from some gifted white yarn. But it is on hold as I wait for some blue yarn being mailed from a fellow Rav member. It was going to be all white, but thought NAH. It needs some other color. Off to Rav to search for someone who was trying to offload their stash. Voila!! And it was so much cheaper than buying it at the store.

Time to go play Bejeweled - then off to crochet or read a book. Oh, did I mention?? I am now officially an empty nester. The last of my 3 rug rats moved out yesterday!!! What to do...what to do....(p.s. today is mine and hubby's anniversary! What a great present our youngest gave us. Don't ya think??)

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Joansie said...

LOL....Happy Anniversary! Having your days to yourself without kids can be heavenly. Then you begin to wonder how you managed it all.

Nice to see you back.